Friday, June 12, 2009

the week, in review.

it's been a really long week around here it seems. the weather hasn't really helped. while we always welcome any rain we can get here in the high desert, we're about to start growing mold if the storm clouds don't move on! but despite that, we've still managed to get out quite a bit. and of course there was no shortage of things to do around the house either. welcoming Otter was certainly the highlight of the week! he continues to be a sweetheart and has settled right into the routine. a house with big windows is well suited for such a lazy cat! if he's not sitting in the window, he's snoozing under the bed. occasionally he walks by and says hello and gets a quick snuggle or if you're sitting on the couch he may curl up in your lap for a while. sylvi and isa think he's downright fabulous, particularly sylvi, who giggles like it's nobody's business any time the cat comes over to say hello. they already seem to have a bond, as he insists on laying next to her, just watching and purring when she goes to sleep. and even though she grabs at his ears and tail, he never flinches or seems the least bit bothered by her baby manners. kitties and babies, it's the stuff baby blogs are made of apparently.

and with that, we welcome the weekend. ahhhhhh.
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  1. Can't wait for your new video camera to come in so we get to see and hear all of Sylvi's giggles. Certainly seems that Otter has found the perfect home...ENJOY. Thanks for this precious picture. Love and hugs to all. Nanny