Tuesday, June 30, 2009

to the gods of computer technology:

please spare my computer. again.

it appears that my computer may be dying a miserable death. most likely from a virus. hopefully it will be fixed soon, but until then blogging will be sparse.

stay tuned...


  1. Uh Oh...I thought the same thing about mine but Cuyler worked some kind of magic on it when he was here last weekend, and it is now pretty much up to speed. It had been taking almost 2 minutes for me to get on the internet. Good luck and hope you can revive it. If not RIP. Nanny

  2. no, it's not that it's slow or something. it's non-functioning. period.

  3. That IS bad. Hope you can at least save everything that is on it.

  4. aww... did ya feed it??? lol... just trying to cheer you up.. hope you get it up and running soon... or, you might have to have a surprise visit or something..lol I'm sure you will let us know when it is smooth sailing again. xoxoxoxo to all