Thursday, July 2, 2009

regularly scheduled programming

that's right, we're back to regularly scheduled blogging. the computer has been resurrected, rebuilt, and is mostly in working order. we did lose some pictures in the mess, unfortunately, but luckily we had all but the last few months backed up. and of course we still have anything that was blogged or made into a slideshow, etc.

so here are some "welcome back" photos of two cute little girls. these were taken a few days back, on the way to the new ice cream stand on main street. you'll notice that sylvi is riding big girl style now and seems to enjoy being in a real seat, especially with isa there to hold her hand (not kidding-- they actually hold hands. it's beyond cute).
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  1. So glad to hear your are up and running though somewhat compromised. Let me know if there are pictures that you lost that I might have, if you want them. The girls look quite happy to be on the way to get ice cream...who wouldn't be. I see Isa's little ponytails are cute. Love and miss you all. Nanny

  2. This would make a cute "About Us" profile picture for the girls blog...just a thought.

  3. Glad they can sit together now. Great pic. Take another one like this as they get older/bigger. So sweet. Just little angels. :0) Love you loads xoxoxoxo