Saturday, July 4, 2009

fourth of july (round one)

here is the parade slideshow, complete with flag waving, horses, marching bands, and isa and sylvi. they both enjoyed themselves, though isa was one overtired, overstimulated, and underfed toddler by the time it was all over. for her part, sylvi was content to look around and chew on the flag.

camping plans for the weekend have been thwarted by weather. we've been having crazy thunderstorms with heavy rains lately (this is very unusual for these parts!) and the forecast calls for even more of the same this weekend. so we're hanging here in town instead and will cook out with the neighbors and help them shoot off their insanely large load of fireworks tonight!

stay tuned for more fourth of july fun, as there is a video of isa shaking her thang to the tunes of the marching band to come!


  1. Looks like both girls had a large time. Hopefully, Isa will be well fed and well rested for the fireworks tonight. Sure won't do any good to put her to bed until they are over with. Have fun and can't wait to see the video. THANKS so much for this great slideshow. Nanny

  2. Love the outfit! Great slideshows and lovely pics... glad they slept soundly ! good job.
    Can't wait to see pics of the deck party.
    Keep smiling! :) xoxoxoxo love to all