Thursday, July 9, 2009

atleast the kids are cute.

there are several parts of the ole computer that haven't bounced back so well from the virus overhaul. picasa and skype, primarily. i haven't been able to post pictures for some reason, although it will let me do a slideshow. so slideshow it is then!

some days are not so good for blogging. there is little to say or not enough time or not enough neurons firing in the brain. but atleast the kids are cute, which is always a good fallback. as i was (trying) to get this posted, i did overhear a very funny sisterly interaction (ok, atleast i heard isa). it went something like this, in a very sweet and sing songy voice:

isa: Oh no, that's so sad! I'm sorry but you need a time out (closing the door to her room, while sylvi lays on the sheepskin rug).
me: Who needs a timeout? Sylvi? Why?
isa: 'Cause she not have a very nice attitude.
me: Oh i see. Well, can she come out now?
isa: Oh, nope. Guess you're not ready to listen yet, are you? (opening the door and asking sylvi, then shutting the door again).
me: Can you open the door for her please?
isa: Oh, ok then.


  1. Don't ever think for a minute that kids don't pick up on everything you say and do. This was just too funny. Thanks for the slideshow. We'll take pictures any way we can get them. Have a great weekend. I'll call you from the beach...wish you were going to be there again. Love and hugs, girls. Nanny

  2. Doesn't have to be flowery or dramatic or anything.. just pics and what you did is great! I love the pics and the slideshows and videos when they are available. Thanks for sending what you do.. I feel so blessed that you WANT to send these you us and your Mom. Love and kisses xoxoxoxox