Tuesday, July 21, 2009

kathleen and steve's wedding

the main motivation for the recent roadtrip was to attend the wedding of our dear friends kathleen and steve! it was such a fun and sweet event and i am so glad we were there to celebrate. the wedding was at kath's parents' house in stevensville, which was really gorgeous. part of the festivities included several hours of "socializing and yard games" before the ceremony-- complete with kiddie pool, dunk tank, and horseshoes! to those who know these two, this was no surprise and quite fitting. and i have to say, it was a great way to spend the afternoon in such heat! after all that fun, plus the ceremony and food, we were all pretty exhausted by the time night rolled around. unfortunately we left before the band got going, which isa would have loved, but with all the excitement and travel and general exhaustion, the girls just couldn't hold out much longer. but it was a blast and we were honored to take part... congratulations again to kathleen and steve!


  1. Certainly sounds like an unusual and fun time for everyone, especially the girls. LOVE Kathleen's cowboy boots with her wedding dress. So very appropriate. Glad you are back home safe. Love and hugs to all. Nanny

  2. Glad the trip was well worth it. The girls look so eager to do whatever was needed to get by. Wonderful occasion! xoxoxoxox