Saturday, July 11, 2009

summing it up:

craziness! lot of craziness around these parts! it is the weekend of the deck! luckily our friend keith came all the way up from denver to help hammer it all out (pun fully intended) and good progress is being made. we are all really excited about the prospect of actually hanging out on it! technically speaking, it's pretty awesome... schneiderpants has never been one to cut corners, so it is being really well-built, in true schneiderpants style.

speaking of hanging out though, there doesn't seem to be much of it in the near future. summer is in full swing, which in our world entails lots of work, lots of travel, lots of play, and not much lounging around. (i suppose we're lucky to have such a long winter, so we can make up for that right?). there are wholesale orders to finish, a full plate of "office" work for the daddy, a deck, a fence, an art show to get ready for, and traveling to missoula next weekend for a dear friend's wedding. and that's just the schedule for the rest of july. august? more of the same. so in the meantime, i leave you with pictures of the workers ants, doing their worker thing, swinging hammers and pounding nails, while sweet babies play in the grass and bossy toddlers help weed the garden. happy weekend :)


  1. dejavu; Blair describes exactly the way Mr Schneiderpants, SR did stuff.. Measure twice, cut once. You'd think the deck was the TAJMAHAL! Funny to see such similar traits in your adult children and their parents. I'm sure Isa will have a few of her Can't wait to see the finished product!. Will completely change your whole house aura... hugs and kisses...

  2. ah ha. so it's inherited then. good to know! i wonder which of the girls (or both?) will get the gene for engineering astuteness? sylvi seems to be very "schneider-esqe" so far, though isa is pretty good with tools at the age of three??? hmmm...