Friday, July 24, 2009

petite chef

isa decided what she wanted for her lunch today-- macaroni and cheese with peas, salt and vinegar chips, and black pepper. all mixed together. yum, huh? i constantly get a kick out of what isa likes to eat. she is not afraid of strong flavors-- raw onions and garlic, among others. a few weeks ago, i went out to dinner with some friends and brought back some left over Tsunami Rice (a super spicy fried rice dish with lots of peppers and other veggies). of course isa wanted to taste it and though i warned her it was very hot, she didn't let up. so i gave her a small spoonful (with a glass of water too!) and waited for her to spit it back out. but nope... she wanted more and then continued to eat the rest of it! what can i say, the girl likes her spice!
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  1. Well, it's safe to say she comes by it honestly, Mommy. Love the pink outfit and hairdo, Goose. I love and miss you and Roo.

  2. watch out IRON CHEF ! Isa you look sooo maarrvelous! Yes you do! Enjoy yourself girl! Love to all xoxoxoxoxo