Friday, July 31, 2009

art projects

isa and her "art projects" are keeping us busy these days. we do one most afternoons, and some mornings well. sometimes we do several of them between getting up from nap time and going to bed. what can i say, the girl likes her art. today it was painting watercolors at the table, though it quickly morphed into face painting. isa wanted two butterflies, one on each cheek. and there would be no peace until that was achieved!

speaking of butterflies... goose has an imaginary friend! she told me about him the other day. according to isa, his name is "zachy" and he's a pink and white butterfly. when i asked her if he talked, she said "no. but he stands up." and when i asked her what she liked to do with her special friend, she told me that "we play games. like exercise!" i never had an imaginery friend growing up, and while i hear that many kids do, i was still amused and surprised to hear about this special butterfly! she seems to have butterflies on the brain these days, so i am guessing we will hear more about zachy in the future.
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  1. This is amazing! I bought a butterfly kit some time ago with the kids - it was a lot of fun to do ... I will get another one for you and ISA and SYLVI to have. They are loads of fun for kids. Wow... Zachy huh?? Cute... Love the hairdo- she is so cute with her hair that way. Love you all, xoxoxoxoxo