Sunday, July 26, 2009

for sale in the park

The Lander Art Center has organized an "art" fair that runs all day today. Mommy worked very hard to get clothes ready for this event - around the already more-than-full-time job of raising two little kiddos - good luck Mama! Here are some shots from set up this morning, hopefully they will be a good crowd! Pictures of the finished booth to come later. Daddy and the girls are hanging out today - we'll go see Mommy again in a bit.
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  1. Good Luck MAB!! Hope the show is a success!
    Enjoy ~~ Dad on his way home from Canada via Cleveland today ! Love to you all xoxoxoxoxo

  2. WOW...the booth looks absolutely AWESOME!!!!!! I love the beautiful clothes racks...SO professioinal looking. Can I guess that the daddy made them? I could get a glimpse of the skirts in the back and they are so cute. Can't wait to hear how it all went. Thanks so much for the quick post. JOB WELL DONE MOMMY. I love and miss you all. Nanny

  3. Forgot to tell you how great the banner looks. Job well done.