Saturday, July 4, 2009

marching band boogie and a holiday wrap-up:

well, the fourth of july has mostly come and gone here in landiego. and just in case anyone is wondering, the nickname of "little beirut" is fitting this year as well. even though bottle rockets have been banned within city limits and a strict curfew will soon be in affect... the pyrotechnics are not lacking one bit! and while that may be really annoying at 3am tonight, it's not too bad at the moment-- and actually quite pretty. there are two very exhausted children sleeping soundly in their beds, so as long as that is the case, i can handle it ;)

we actually had a really nice fourth of july this year. camping would have been fun too, but just as we suspected, a big thunderstorm came through late this evening and from the looks of it, the mountains may have gotten hammered with hail and wind and lightening. quite happy to have missed that part! so we enjoyed a massive dinner spread with sam, lee, and lee's parents (visiting from ohio)... bison burgers, bison sausage, corn, asparagus, greens from the garden, shish kabobs, baked beans, potato salad, watermelon, and some brewskies too. not bad. not bad at all!

edited to add: now that it's really dark... WOW. it really is a sight to see around here. i would be willing to bet that lander would be in the running for some sort of fireworks record. BIG ones are going on off in every direction and will continue to do so past midnight. it's impressive! just wish we could've kept isa up long enough to see the big ones! but what can you say when the toddler is begging for bed? there's always next year!


  1. I really mean this when I say that kiddo has got some rhythmn...every move she made was right on the beat. Pretty impressive. It certainly looked like she was having a wonderful time. So glad she loved the fireworks. There is definitely something to be said for growing up in Smalltown U.S.A. OH and I love the little apron dress...looks like it fit her to a "t". Miss you all and lots of hugs and kisses to the Goose and Roo. Thanks for taking the time to send pictures AND a video. Nanny

  2. Happy 4th Isa. You sure do have some moves girl! Glad you had a good day. We miss you and Sylvi, oh and mommy and daddy too! Bubba and Queen

  3. I wondered when my marching band genes would show themselves.. She is a natural!! Her ancestors are just beaming at the newbie !!! Keep up the great work ISA !!! Your Great-grandfather was a high-school band teacher - did all the Shamrock parades and football games. He is just beaming!! Loved the videos keep them coming!! Thank you thank you thank you. xoxoxox