Thursday, July 30, 2009

making my job easy!

i had forgotten how nice it is to have a beautiful, sweet, and non-mobile baby around for taking shop pictures! ok, that's not the only reason i love taking photographs of little roo-- but it sure doesn't hurt! these were from a little sushi blanket shoot we did yesterday. that last photo is going to be added to the list of all time favorites. sweet beyond words.
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  1. She just makes my heart melt... *sniff* *sniff* you all are just too far away....

  2. I swear this youngin gets prettier every day! Didn't think she could, but she does!!!! We love ya'll, Bubba and Queen

  3. I couldn't agree more on ALL the pictures. If there was a more angelic face anywhere, I don't know of it...those eyes are absolutely beyond beautiful. I must say, mommy and daddy, you are 2 incredible baby makers. Sorry there won't be anymore. I love and miss you all. I totally agree with Gramma and PopPop in that you are just TOOOOOO far away. Nanny