Monday, July 20, 2009


well, we made it home! it was a long trip crammed into four days, but we did it! in retrospect, we wished we would've planned to stay longer. i should've known that there was WAY too much to do and see in missoula (not to mention a wedding and visiting friends along the way) in such a short amount of time. as usual, missoula never fails to impress. it really is hard to beat that place in the summer. while we could've done without the heat (uhm, 100F), it was awesome to be back. we hit up (three!) farmer's markets on saturday, a children's festival in Caras Park, and a whole lot more.

the drive was definitely long, but we split it up into two days coming and going. this made it much more enjoyable and we were able to stop and stay with friends, as well as get out and stretch our legs more often. luckily sylvi didn't mind taking good naps while traveling and isa practically had her own toy store in the backseat: colors, paper, scissors, glue, stickers, playdoh, plastic animals, puzzles, books, dvds, a kid computer, and more. to anyone without children, the backseat probably looked insane, but i sure glad to have the extra entertainment after a while!

we rolled into lander this afternoon feeling relieved to be back but glad we went. and we were pleased with the temperature at home too-- 75F with afternoon rain as opposed to baking in the triple digits!
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  1. Glad you're back and the trip went well. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Love and miss you all. Nanny