Sunday, July 5, 2009


several people have asked for house/yard pictures so we thought it was time to oblige. you can see the progress of the fence (now we're waiting on more wood) and some landscaping here and there. and of course the garden, for which we can take little credit this year! there is an action shot of sam (who has put in the most effort) too! we still have alot of landscaping to do, mostly for the front Birch bed that will be planted in the fall, as well as more schrubs to go around the side of the house-- which you can see in the first picture. next weekend is the big deck party, so hopefully there will be even more pictures then, complete with an actual deck! in the meantime, here are some progress shots...


  1. looking good lady!! I love the picknic table too!! I am sure the deck will bring lots of fun for the kiddos too!

  2. Your house is looking so much better than when you first moved in. The improvements you have made have made it more homey and comfy for all of you as well! Congrats.. WoW.. doing a great job Y**Y love ya xoxoxoxox