Monday, August 3, 2009

manic monday!

or maybe monday mayhem would be more fitting? either way, it's been a very busy morning and it's only 10:15am! phew. isa had her first tumbling class this morning and she loved it! there wasn't a seconds hesitation on her part, as she jumped right in and bounced around like it was her job. sitting on the mat and waiting her turn? that was another story, but we're working on it! it was as rambunctious and energetic as any toddler class could be. unfortunately mommy forgot to bring a snack and isa was running on fumes before it was time to go. but she survived and we came home for some serious snacktime on the deck. speaking of... the railing is almost done and the steps are next. more pictures of tumbling class and a finished deck to come! in the meantime, somebody needs coffee (and it's not isa).
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  1. What a cute and funny Brought back so many memories! Enjoy ~ Love you all xoxoxoxox