Tuesday, August 25, 2009

maiden voyage

sylvi makes a funny face in celebration of the new ride.

isa enjoys a little Sesame Street from the back seat.

Sylvi says, "Oh look at this leg room!"

this weekend was also the maiden voyage for the new (to us) mini van! that's right... we've joined the throngs of other parents, in search of much needed space and seating options... and switched out the suv for a Toyota Sienna. so what was the report from the first road trip? a definite A plus! and while it didn't quell all of the whining that inevitably accompanies many hours on the road, it did make the trip alot more enjoyable.
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  1. Your lives will be so much nicer with the additional space... especially when the girls get bigger. Cute pics of both the girls. love you all xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Three cheers for Momobiles. They're great for hauling diaper bags, swings, strollers, portacribs, ice chests, tennis raquets,bat bags, pom poms, dance costumes, coolers, folding chairs, skis etc. Oh, and they're great for kids too.

  3. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!