Saturday, August 8, 2009

good eats

the deck is already getting it's fair share of use, especially since it's so nice out lately! i am sure i just jinxed us, but it would be hard to write about summer without mentioning the fabulous weather of late. it's also harvest time in the garden and tonight we had an especially local dinner... deer burgers, salad, corn, potatoes, green beans, tomatoes with mozzarella and basil, and zuccini bread for desert... yum. all except the corn (ours is just starting to make ears!) was from our garden or that of a couple friends. i am no food photagrapher however, and my pictures didn't really do it justice-- hence the cute baby pictures interspersed instead!
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  1. I hope you both raised the glass of wine in the last picture to a job well
    done on the deck. Can only imagine how much you are all going to enjoy it. The food looked wonderful as the smiles on the girls must attest to. Miss each of you more than you know. Love Nanny

  2. Great pics! The meal looks wonderful! Kids look really good! The deck is a huge success! Would love to see you in one or two pics BLAIR ! I know you are there... would like to see you once in while maybe?? Well, raise a glass and toast the inaugral of the first year with a deck Y**Y congrats! Love to all xoxoxoxoxo