Thursday, August 13, 2009

tumbling with toddlers

if anyone has ever wondered what it's like to get a half dozen toddlers (age 18mo to 3yrs) together in a room full of mirrors and loud music and gymnastics mats... well, it's a handful! getting those squirmy, energetic little kids to sit still and wait their turn was a bit much to ask, in my opinion, but there were moments where some small bit of order was achieved. not that any of the parents cared-- we know that corraling toddler is akin to herding cats-- but the teacher sure did try hard to keep them in line (pun intended).

all in all, it was good fun for isa, who bounced and danced and jumped and skipped around with every ounce of energy in her body. she particularly loved the warm up dancing in the beginning and looking at herself in the mirrors! hopefully there will be more of this in her future!

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  1. THis shot reminds me somewhat of the babies on the couch shot. Deja vu sort of. cute kids