Friday, August 28, 2009

happy NINE months sylvi!

a little smirk for the camera.

i can hardly believe it's true. the rooster is NINE months old today! that's way too close to one year for my liking, but i guess that's the way it goes. someone commented recently that, "she's almost a year old!" and it was like getting hit in the stomach. how could it possibly be? she was just born yesterday, i swear to it!

but enough of the boohoo-ing... sylvi at nine months is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt. she is still just as happy and loving as can be. she smiles at anyone who looks her way and is perfectly content to sit back and absorb the world around her. although she is doing alot less actual sitting these days. she still hasn't really gotten the crawling thing down, but instead does some creative scooting (sometimes on her bottom, sometimes on her belly, and occasionally a combo of both) to get to where she wants to be. i am really starting to think that she may walk before she actually crawls. the first thing she does when she gets close to someone or something is to reach up and out, grab hold, and pull herself up. she's a strong little booger for her size too! she can stand and hold on for longer periods of time now and will occasionally cruise for a step or two if something interesting catches her eye.

you can't see it in these pictures, but her first tooth is coming in! and the second one isn't far behind. so far she seems to be a faster teether than her sister (thank goodness!) but that doesn't mean they aren't keep us all up at night. we'll be happy when those two come in and she can hopefully get a break and sleep a little more.

so that's the roo at nine months... HAPPY NINE MONTHS SYLVI!
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  1. HAPPY NINE MONTHS, ROO...I'm like your mom. It seems like yesterday you arrived. What a sweet, happy little angel you are and I miss you and your sister (mom and dad, toooo) more than you'll ever know. Nanny