Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Isa at Three Years...

since we weren't around the computer on Isa's actual birthday, we wanted to be sure to follow up with a special Isa At Three Years post. hard to believe she actually turned three a few days ago, but it sure is fun to think about what she's like now! here are some of the words that come to mind: boisterous, creative, energetic, empathetic, firey, sensitive, active, intellegent, sweet, sassy, determined, strong willed and beautiful. that pretty much sums it up!

isa continues to be a little star in our lives. she most certainly keeps us on our toes with her constant flow of high energy and attitude (some times good, some times not so good!). she is always surprising us with the things that she observes and says. she loves anything and everything involving animals and art. she also likes to put things in order, whether than means lining up her paintbrushes by size and color or making little families out of her dolls. she loves her sister more than anyone else and is exceedingly patient and gentle with her. isa is a social butterfly but also knows when she needs her space-- and isn't afraid to tell you so! she entertains herself very well but still enjoys being the baby when possible too!

so that's Isa At Three Years, in a nutshell. we can't wait to see what this next year will bring for her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOSE, WE LOVE YOU!
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  1. Isa you are the true joy of so many people's lives...what fun it has been to watch you evolve into your own little person. The art comes to you naturally through at least 4 generations. Don't know if it is good or bad but you can blame me for the obsession with order. I think we just function better that way,don't you? Keep your enthusiasm for life and all that is out there for the taking. Never forget how much your Nanny loves you, Goose.

  2. Nice write up for a beautiful 3yr old! I wouldn't expect anything less from her! Love you 3yr old ISA ! ! xoxoxoxox