Thursday, August 27, 2009

smarty pants and preschool

isa had her three year old/preschool screening this afternoon. she got to play games and answer questions and even check out her new classroom. we met her teachers and some of the other specialists and took a general look around the place. apparently we have a smarty pants on our hands (ok, we knew that) as everyone kept commenting on how "exceptional" and "off the charts" she was. what's that you say? i am shamelessly gloating about my child? yeah well, i am. ahem... anyway...

it was really great and we are SO excited and relieved that she will be attending preschool there. the facilities are amazing (her classroom is incredible!), the teachers and staff are fantastic, and it's just a really great set up. and it's affordable, which is even better. phil and i aren't the only ones that are thrilled-- isa is beyond herself with excitement. after seeing her classroom i didn't think i was going to be able to drag her out of there!

so that's the scoop on preschool prep. she starts on september 8th, so stay tuned for more details and of course some ridiculously cute First Day of School photos as well!


  1. Blair,

    Where is she going? Hayden's only a year old, but I'm already freaking about preschool...I've heard horror stories around here! Congrats on having a smarty! :)


  2. hey stefani!

    she's going to CDS, as a part of their "peers" program. i'd love to give you the scoop! after surviving the lander preschool gauntlet i feel like we lucked out and we're really relieved. send me a note on fb if you want more details!


  3. Actually I am not surprised AT ALL that she is smart...look at her parents!!!!!! Even more thrilled to hear she is so happy about starting school. However, I am sad thinking about how quickly time is passing and what little time I can share with you all. Love and hugs...Nanny