Monday, August 31, 2009


for the record, i know some of you (ahem, grandparents?) are itching for new photos. i am working on that, i promise! but it's a week of transitions around here and we are working hard on getting out of the summer mindset and into that whole Fall/Back to School thing. granted, isa is the only one going to school but the change of pace trickles over into everyone's daily life. that means a new schedule, new childcare, new places, new people, new work... you get the point right?

and then there are the normal, every day changes that occur with two little ones. sylvi is starting to stand on her own for several seconds at a time and is figuring out how to balance herself. she is eating table foods with us at dinner (like rice, corn, bananas, beans) and has mastered the sippy cup. isa has had yet another verbal leap and is recounting things and imagining things and expressing things like a child much older than herself. her memory is incredible and she recalls minute details about animals and people and places in her imaginary play. meanwhile phil and i stand by and watch in utter amazement, feeling very proud of how great these two are and also shocked at how incredibly fast it's all flying by!


  1. Sylvi eating corn? Uh oh, watch out mommy!! Will never forget Isa's corn situation in Jackson. We miss ya'll so much! Hang in there Blair, things will settle into normal before you know it!

  2. We all understand...just post pics when you can. Enjoy every second of these girls as they will be "grown" before you know it. Just look at how quickly the last 3 years have gone by. Hope you get your Skype working, as I would love to hear some of Isa's conversing. Love and miss you all. Nanny

  3. Be proud how well communication is going. Did Sylvi pick up on the sign language like Isa did? Every baby is so different. It is amazing to watch every detail they pickup and use. Sylvi will learn more from Isa than you Love you all ... awaiting pics patiently. xoxoxoxo