Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a group effort and new wheels...

sylvi wants nothing more than to stand up and start walking! so we got her a little push walker wagon that she can play and practice on. it came in the mail today and after a half hour of trying to put it together myself (with bad directions, a cranky baby and a meddling toddler), i decided we'd just wait for daddy! at that point it became a group effort, as you can see in the pictures. sylvi LOVES it and is very serious about practicing her skills. now if we can just figure out how to keep isa away from it long enough for her to do so!


  1. Mommy, I don't know why you couldn't put it together with that much help from Isa. It is really a cute toy!!!!! Love the little things to do on each side of it. It won't be long before Sylvi takes off with or without it. THANKS so much for the pictures. Love and hugs to all Nanny

  2. How cute, and funny. Sylvi certainly has the standing up part down pat. Hope Phil didn't make it look to easy when he put it together. We love ya'll. Bubba and Queen

  3. I keep hearing the song "... here I come to save the day..." lol.... Good job Phil. Cool cart for sure ! Sylvi is ready you can tell. Thanks for the pics xoxoxox