Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a baby baby

they say that some kids just gravitate towards baby dolls and others just don't. sylvi is definitely a part of that first group-- the girl just loves babies! these pictures were taken this morning after she got up from her nap. she was happy as a clam to lay on the floor and snuggle her baby for a long while. she talked to it, kissed it, poked it's little eyes and chewed on it's foot. i see more dolls in our future.

on an unrelated note, isa and mommy have a fun date this afternoon! we are going to attempt (again) to get her a real haircut. i have a good feeling about it this time as isa is very excited about going to the "beauty salon" with mommy and getting her hair cut and nails painted. yes, that's my bribery. we have special light pink nail polish for the event! every time we talk about it and i tell her that i will paint her toenails while she sits (still and patient) in the chair, she puts both hands in the air and shouts, "And these too mommy! My fingernails too!" here's hoping it goes well! stay tuned for pictures...
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  1. CAN NOT wait for the pictures. Like it or not, mommy, you have a girly girl on your hands. I must say Sylvi takes after her Nanny in regards to the baby dolls. I NEVER liked Barbie and other dolls that couldn't possibly seem real. I am embarassed to say that I still enjoyed playing with my baby dolls until...oh well, let's just say I was older!!!!!!!!!!!Hope Santa is watching...

  2. Yes she is a baby baby! Loved the side glance of the one pic. So sweet. They definitely are different girls.. I love that about the 2 of them. So cute! Love to all xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Aw how sweet! Cousin Emmie as you remember is all about her baby dolls! I think it's so sweet.
    Miss and love ya'll! Bubba and Queen