Thursday, September 24, 2009

this just in:

sylvi has had a major growth spurt! she had a doctor's appointment this morning due to this nasty cold and a lingering fever-- consensus is that it just appears to be an especially rough virus and that we just have to ride it out. no sign of infection at this point, which is great.

but! the measurements! this girl has grown quite a bit in a couple months. she is now in the 75th percentile for height (28.5in) and the 20th for weight (18lbs). i thought she was starting to look rather long and lean again and it appears to be the case. i have also been saying that i thought she had a big ole noggin. and she does. it's in the 75th percentile as well.

two short people with small heads have a tall baby with a big noggin? who woulda thunk it?


  1. I have also thought lately how much taller and thinner she looks. Big heads mean big brain. AND you just don't get any cuter than Roo. Hope you shake this old bug soon and get to feeling better. Love and miss you and Goose.

  2. I knew she looked taller! WTG SYLVI ! yea !!!
    She will be running around shortly. Great pic ! xoxoxoxox