Monday, September 21, 2009

home is where the...

... cute naked baby is? yes, i suppose so. we made it back safe and sound after a very long two days of travel. the way back was a bit more of an adventure-- isa was dealing with some stomach woes (toddler with stomach trouble on a packed airplane? no good.) and i was dealing with some cold/sinus nastiness that started a few days before we left the Outer Banks. those things, combined with a baby who was also getting sick and a whole lot of travel, was enough to make even the most hearty of travelers ready to throw in the towel. but we finally made it and we're glad to be home and mostly on the mend and settling back into a routine. isa was happy to start back to preschool this morning and to play with her best buddy this afternoon. sylvi is not feeling so great but is still pretty darn happy, as usual. now let's hope that the rest of the week goes smoothly as we get caught up and enjoy the fabulous Fall weather we came home to! and maybe, just maybe get a little sleep while we're at it.
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  1. This picture is a definite keeper for printing. Sorry to hear about the travel woes but glad you made it back home to some nice weather...wish I could say the same around here. I think I brought some of the stormy weather with me. Lovr and miss you all. Nanny