Monday, September 14, 2009

the outer banks (day two)

here are some photos of the new digs. not too shabby eh? this place is awesome for a large group... we have eight adults and two kiddos (unfortunately a few other folks couldn't come) and plenty of room to stretch out and sleep after much time in the sun. you can see why isa is so excited too-- we actually haven't managed to get any pictures of her yet, because she is a blur of activity! we're working on that that though. in the meantime, here are some others!
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  1. Wow, looks nice! Glad the weather is looking good. Boy we miss ya'll! Have fun and give the girls a kiss from Bubba and Queen. Isa will have a package waiting for her when she gets home :)

  2. HUGE thanks for taking the time to make and post pictures. This place is AWESOME. I can only imagine Isa's excitement over a pool, hot tub, AND swingset, not to mention the beach and 16 hands to help entertain her. Sylvi is quite the bathing beauty. I am so happy for you all. Love Nanny