Monday, September 14, 2009

we made it

we are here! sylvi is napping, i am drinking coffee (in a hammock, no less) with a quiet house and a good breeze. isa is on the beach with everyone else and thoroughly enjoying every minute so far. she has a pool, hot tub, big swingset, tons of sand, and a half dozen adoring relatives all within reach, so as you could imagine-- she is happy as a clam! and then of course there is the beach too! sylvi is enjoying herself as well and has decided that she just might crawl (as in actual crawl, minus the belly/bum scooting) afterall. good thing the house came equipped with several baby gates!

the travel went really smoothly, though we are all pretty tired today. the girls did really, really well and there was nary a cry nor fuss from them all day, even after getting up at 5am and not arriving here until after 5pm. that's the scoop for now. more soon...

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  1. Good Heavens...what more could you ask? You forget how relaxing a morning cup of coffee, in the peace and quiet, can be. I am so jealous. The house you are in sounds perfect...ENJOY and please send pictures if possible. Nanny