Monday, September 28, 2009

playing catch up

that title pretty much sums up our weekend-- catching up on sleep, catching up on work, on life, on house stuff, etc. so that's the reason for the sparse blogging. but with another busy week in the works, i am sure there will be lots of blog fun to be had! today is sylvi's ten month birthday (woo!) and her well baby visit, so there will be more on that later. for those of you who are wondering, we seem to be mostly on the mend from the sickness we had last week. still stuffy and running on low energy, but the worst seems to be over with for now. although isa, who never got that sick, has some two year molars that are giving her fits. ouch.


  1. CANNOT believe that Roo is 10 months old...where has time gone? Hope you were able to catch up on some sleep. Let us know how the checkup goes. Talk to you later. Love Nanny

  2. Ouch is right... ask for popcycles Isa... they reach right back there where it hurts and does make you smile a bit.

    Congrats SYLVI ! Wow Another milestone ! YEA ! ** clap clap clap ** xoxoxoxoxo