Wednesday, September 2, 2009

isa's big girl haircut

sitting up straight like a big girl.

very serious business.

perfectly pink nails.

checking herself out in the mirror.

well, suffice it to say that this "real" haircut went much better than the last one! isa took the whole thing very seriously, and while she did admit that it was "a little scary" afterwards, she was a champ! as promised, she got her finger nails painted and everything. the haircut itself was more of a trim, so there isn't really a new hairstyle to show off or anything, just a very proud three year old with shiny new nail polish!
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  1. What a brave and pretty big girl you are, Isa.
    And the fingernails are GORGEOUS. I assume you got the toenails done, too. I am so proud of you for doing such a great job. Thank Mommy for the pictures, too. WOW, how lucky can we (grandparents)get with new pictures TWICE today. Love and hugs to you and Roo. Nanny

  2. What a wonderful tradition you are starting... all gussied up for the new school year! Well done! She is looking older and older... but beautiful.. love you all xoxoxo

  3. Way to go Isa! Looking good babe! We love you!!!