Friday, September 4, 2009

Felting with toddlers!

we are signed up for another season of art classes! luckily the day and time work well with naps and preschool and general two-kid craziness, and will serve as a nice afternoon activity on those particularly long days! the first class was a special one, as it was outside at Willow's house instead of at the Art Center. the kids learned how to felt wool! isa really loved this class because it involved playing in soapy water and being outside and going home with a really cool handmade ball! some kids (or moms?) made nests, others made little pouches, too. for her part, sylvi hung out with her friend Alice on the blanket and watched all the big kids running in circles. though i think the days of her being content to sit and watch are coming to an end. after a few minutes she was doing everything she could to make her way to the action!
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  1. Looks like the perfect day and place for soap, water, and wool. I LOVE felted things and can't wait for you to see the 3 felted pieces I got on Martha's Vineyard. Nanny