Thursday, September 17, 2009

back we go...

we're leaving the beach tomorrow-- after a week of fun, sun, sand, swimming, kites, rockets, food, beer, and some more swimming...

see you on the flip side, also known as monday. or somewhere around there.

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  1. I am sooo glad you all came to OBX for the whole week. My cup runneth over with joy of being with the 2 grand-girls !! I loved every moment being with them. Really! I couldn't lay in bed when I heard they were up! I rushed to get dressed to spend as much time as I could. I really appreciate the EXTRA effort it takes to plan a long trip like that with 2 little ones... hopefully there won't be too many more of that variety for you. We love you all and again thank you for the effort you made to come! I know you are glad to be home and back in a routine again. Hope now and again you mention the wonderful days spent at the "beach house" in OBX. love to all... xoxoxoxox