Saturday, August 15, 2009

Isa's 3rd Birthday Party!

this morning Isa and her buddy Bennett had a combined birthday extravaganza! we've been talking about having a combined party for years, but finally got around to making it happen this year. the idea was to have an outdoor slip n'slide/pool party but mother nature had other plans-- the downpour began about 7am and by the time the party started (inside) at 10am it was still drizzling and cold. so need less to say, the pool party was thwarted! but the kids could've cared less and we had a big ole party inside instead. as you can see from the photos, there was alot of fun to be had. stacy treated everyone to some face painting and the little ones played their hearts out. after lunch there were cupcakes (blue ones with blueberries on top, as per isa's request) and a firetruck cake (as per bennett's request) and a bunch of sugar crazed toddlers running around like mad! isa was thrilled and so were we.

while her actual birthday isn't until next saturday, we thought we'd take advantage of the party date and just make it a week long celebration! we are headed to jackson for a wedding next weekend, so she'll be opening presents all week long, i suppose. something tells me she won't complain! in the meantime... here's a little early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ISA!


  1. AWWW! Happy Early Birthday Isa!!!

  2. Yay! Looks like a great party! Happy 3rd Isa!

  3. What a great PARTY ! Looks like you had loads of fun. Great pics. Happy Early B-day Isa.
    Loads of Love xoxoxoxoxox

  4. Hi Isa...Happy Early Birthday. Looks like you are enjoying your special hat I made. Get mommy to take a picture with it and your matching shirt on. Miss you so much. Have a glorious week of partying. Love and kisses to you and Roo. Nanny