Wednesday, August 19, 2009

new skills!

look who's standing up! little miss mellow has learned pretty quickly that she can get up and go (ok, almost!) if she wants to. after a few weeks of working on crawling, but still going backwards, she has started scooting on her bottom instead. particularly on the smooth tile in the kitchen, she's starting to get around without having to actually crawl. as you can see from the photos, she's really interested in pulling to stand as well. she is started to look down at her foot and pick them up a little-- won't be long before she starts cruising around as a means of transport. makes me wonder if she's going to skip crawling altogether? or be like her sister and crawl for two or three weeks before she just starts walking instead? either way, i'm in no rush! after having one earlier walker, i would be quite fine if sylvi decided to hold off for a while longer!
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  1. YOU GO GIRL...I agree with mommy,however, that it makes for an easier time for her if you aren't quite so fast with getting "away".Lots like you are really proud of yourself and I am, too. Love and hugs to you and goosey. Nanny