Saturday, August 29, 2009

details, details, details.

or should i say... details, details, details and lack of sleep? that might be more accurate. this is a weekend of tying up loose ends. there are alot of things we need to get done around here and just haven't had the time to complete. you know-- that whole parenthood thing and all, it keeps you pretty busy. so it's been a weekend of fence building, car cleaning, general work stuff, house maintenance, etc. all on top of very little sleep. sylvi's teeth are giving her hell and the mommy and daddy are riding it out with her. in addition to the fact that she is getting used to sharing a room with her sister. speaking of which, the room sharing is going quite well honestly. isa loves the fact that sylvi is now sharing her room and has been really great about staying quite at bedtime and not getting upset if she's woken by sylvi in the middle of the night. with one exception, she's not been bothered in the slightest by the noise and general commotion of having a fitful baby snoozing (or not snoozing) in the same room. it's a big relief on our part and we're hoping that as soon as the littlest one is resting easier, the shared bedroom will be even better!

and on that note... it's time for bed. goodnight.

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