Tuesday, August 4, 2009

babes in toyland

little roo was not in the mood for hanging out in the shop post-nap today, so we headed back upstairs and looked for something that was both productive and entertaining. just so happens that i had been meaning to do a little toy sorting and rotating lately, as well as babyproofing (which entailed finding and putting away little parts and pieces to a few of isa's 'big girl' toys). lucky sylvi! in doing so, i bought out some more baby toys that had been packed away for a few years and let her have at it! she was thrilled with the newness of them all and i was thrilled to actually get something done this morning.

speaking of toys, i was also making way for a few things isa will be getting for her 3rd birthday in a few weeks! more on the actual birthday part later (*sniff sniff*) but in the meantime, here's a sneak peak at what she'll find waiting for her on birthday morning. i am not sure who will like it more, me or her! phil thinks we need to retro-fit it with some solar panels and a little wind turbine. i think the little energy geek (isa) would be quite happy to participate in that as well :)
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  1. Cutey pie pics of Sylvi always welcome to get! Such a surprise and almost no work done on your part... what fun ! Take pics of ISA and surprise... Can't wait to hear how that went. OBX will be so fun this year. Tell ISA to practice her summer saults - cause I wanna see them. :) huggs and kissesss to all

  2. Isn't it amazing how bringing out old toys can spark their interest. Great talking to you today. I love and miss you all. Nanny