Sunday, June 28, 2009


let me just say, for starters, that i cannot believe baby sylvi is seven months old already! it can't be true! but so it is, the little roo turned seven months old today. unfortunately she is ringing in this occasion with a head cold. so she is stuffy and sleepy and her blue eyes are a puffy and red. but she is still just as sweet and cute as she can be, snot and all.

so what is she like at seven months? fabulous! absolutely fabulous! she has been testing out her voice for a while now and we are all convinced that she is going to be the talker of the family. seriously, the girl can make some noise! whether it's screaching or humming, murmuring through her pacifier as she goes to sleep or blowing raspberries, she clearly knows how to communicate. she is also enjoying reaching and grabbing at anything in sight, be it her sister's hair or whatever you've got on your plate. she's quick too. you may have noticed that she is in her "stand up toy" alot lately. this is because she loves to stand and bounce. she actually has callouses on her feet from the bouncing! if she's in her stand up toy, reaching for things around her, blowing raspberries, and bouncing away-- well, she doesn't have a care in the world!

she is also getting better at sitting up on her own and can sit unassisted for longer stretches of time before tumbing over. she has been thinking about getting up on her knees too, but i don't think she'll be crawling anytime soon. she's quite content to be where she is and if need be she can turn and roll and scoot around to get to where she wants to go.

so that's sylvi roo at seven months, just as happy and sweet as ever. we love you roo!
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  1. Yes, I love you, too, Roo. I'm like your mom in that I cannot believe you are 7 months old...seems like just yesterday I was out there when you were first born. We need to somehow slow the clock down on you and your sister. Speaking of clock, you both are what keep me ticking, along with the Mikers. Hope you beat that old cold pretty soon. Keep your sunshiney disposition and keep giving us all those beautiful smiles and giggles. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROO.

  2. I bet its gone in no time.. wow 8 mos... you seem to take it all in stride ! You have this contemplative look about you in this picture... what on earth must you be concentrating on??? Good luck with that Sylvi!
    congrats girly... love you - cold and all .. xoxoxoxoxo