Monday, June 15, 2009

isa's cool blue room

finally, some pictures of the latest project around here. or atleast my latest project. and as usual, it's not totally finished but being that i am impatient by nature, i couldn't wait much longer. there is trim to be painted (alot of it, actually) and framed art to be hung over the dresser and bed, but for the most part it's all put together. the lighter color makes it alot more calm and peaceful than the previous green. there are lots of nice little etsy tidbits, like the papel picado flags and the various prints, and the alphabet cards. all of the furniture, with the exception of the bookshelf, was either thrifted or refinished. isa is enjoying all of the personal space for now, but eventually she will be rooming with sylvi, at which point we will likely loft the twin bed to make room for the crib. voila, isa's cool blue room.
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  1. I LOVE the color of blue. It really is a beautiful and calming shade. The curtains are so the giraffes. The room looks so much bigger, too. Glad to see you are still making use of the sheepskin rug.

  2. Wow Blair, it looks great. Next visit home I may just have to put you to work!!!! I agree with Nanny, the room looks much bigger. Great job! Miss ya'll! Queen

  3. Off you go, Isa, into the Wild Blue Yonder! Looks great. Love to all...