Sunday, July 25, 2010

art in the park

this weekend was Riverfest in city park, where there was a Mountain Aven Baby booth, so we spent all day long hanging out in the park! we couldn't have ask for a nicer way to spend a saturday. the weather was fantastic, the crowd was good, there was food and beer and music... and alot of playing to do! with the exception of a few hours at nap time, the girls spent the entire day hanging out there-- almost twelve hours! luckily emmie and morgan were there to keep up with them, which was a huge help. not surprising, after a whole day of playing in the creek and painting at the print-making station, there wasn't a kid in sight who actually still had clean clothes on. isa was particularly enthralled with the painting-- making prints with different fruits and vegetables, and spent alot of time hanging out there. i definitely think we'll be doing more of this at home this summer!
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  1. Striking resemblance to Picasso's work...great job girls.