Wednesday, July 14, 2010

random craziness

isa's shop-- open for business

sales receipts

indoor picnicking
as predicted, it's been a bit of a crazy week around here (and yes, it's only wednesday). mommy is leaving for jackson tomorrow, so that bit of craziness was predictable, for the most part. of course as luck would have it, both the girls and phil have all come down with nasty colds... right before mommy leaves. isa has been hacking up a storm at night, which meant none of us got any sleep the first few nights. thanks to some magical prescription cough medicine though, she atleast slept better last night. now of course it's sylvi's turn. sigh. here's hoping tonight is better for all of us and that the sore throat and aches that have now descended on mommy will miraculously disappear before tomorrow morning. we can hope, right?
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  1. So, wonderful mystic marvels ! Loved the pics! Hopefully this will all disappear, so you can enjoy your trip. Love to all xoxoxo... Get better soon... Hugssss and kissessss.. :)