Thursday, July 1, 2010

green river lakes

we had been planning on going to green river lakes with the wells' since early this spring and we are so glad that we did! the trip was fantastic-- the scenery, the company, the whole nine yards. this is the first time we've been camping with other folks (i.e. playmates) and it was awesome for the girls to have someone to play with at all times. it made being around camp alot easier and more enjoyable for everyone, especially isa. we hope to be doing more multi-family camping in the future.

green river lakes is at the very northern part of the wind river range and it takes a while to get there. you have to go down and around and back up again on the other side of the mountains. luckily this meant going through pinedale and two trips to the pinedale aquatic center! two trips to the pool in three days-- that's hard to beat! speaking of water, there was also some good playing on the "beach" down at the lake as well. apparently freezing cold water does not deter wyoming babies? they didn't mind it at all and being that we lucked out with the weather and (lack of) bugs, it was easy to just hang out and enjoy the scenery.

we were lucky enough to borrow a canoe from some of phil's customers who live down the road from the campsite. this was fantastic, as we didn't have to haul a canoe all the way over there and they are super nice folks who were great to visit with too! they even delivered some camp luxuries (that we forgot at home, oops!) like a table and chairs, and treated us to homemade cookies on our way back home as well. thanks again mac and holly! i wish the light had been better when we went to visit their place on the way home-- it is like something out of a movie set or magazine. it's so unbelievably gorgeous!

so that's the weekend is a very small nutshell and more importantly... more pictures! enjoy!

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  1. Sounds like all the pcs just fell into place at the right time. Camping buddies are great! We had some too!... We didn't however, have that luxury swimming hole to swim in! Glad you made some wonderful memories to build on.... love you all xoxoxoxoxox