Monday, July 5, 2010

sylvi at nineteen months

sylvi at nineteen months is so cute it hurts! seriously, i just want to scoop her up and nibble on those cheeks all day long. and yes, we realize that this post is a week but better late than never, right?
so, sylvi at nineteen months... let's see... lots of talking with new words and phrases this month. this morning i asked who wanted strawberries and grapes and sylvi jumped up and shouted, "i do!" without a moments hesitation. she surprises us with stuff like this often these days. she is also showing her independence in other ways and doing her best to be a big girl. she loves to sit on the potty and will tell you when she needs to go (or sometimes already went). there is no dissuading her when she says she wants to sit on the potty either-- if she wants to go, she wants to go! actual success is elusive, but she gets a kick out of trying, so that's good enough for now.
one of her favorite things to do these days is to play with her babies. she is undoubtedly a baby baby. isa never really showed any interest in such things (until now of course) so this is new territory. but roo usually has a baby with her wherever she goes (in her crib, the car, the stroller, to the store, etc) and is very sweet with taking care of them. she pushes them around the house, wears them in her sling, wraps them up and wipes their little faces. it's pretty darn sweet to watch!
all those pesky teeth finally came in, and while she is drooling a little still, they don't seem to be bothering her much. this means that sleep is going well again too, which we are all really, really happy with! she is transitioning from two naps a day to one, which is a little tricky with the crazy summer schedule, but she is rolling with it.
there you have it, sweet sylvi is nineteen months old and we love her more than ever. HAPPY NINETEEN MONTHS ROO!
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  1. Wow - 19th month of life ! And so sweet looking!! She really has changed in the last few months again. What a cutie! And so very different from Isa. Which is a good thing, wouldn't want 2 just a likes now would you ?? Glad the teeth are in and she is able to get some good sleeping in. Just adorable.xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Sweetness with a capital "S" for Sylvi. LOVE that almost white hair. Won't be long before she can have 2 tiny pigtails...I remember Isa's first ones. Love and miss you all.