Friday, July 2, 2010

hot, hot, hot...

i was digging through the photo archives, looking for a fun flashback and/or something to do with the holiday weekend, when i came across this one! i love this photo... of a hummus covered isa back in july 2008. we were at a party at a friend's house when isa decided to jump in the baby pool with all her clothes on. and then proceed to eat a whole lot of hummus, much to the amazement of the rest of the party-goers! i also thought this was a fitting picture because it just screams, "Summmmmmmer!" and it's most definitely summer around here now. we came back from camping to some awfully high temperatures (for lander). luckily we've had a few afternoon clouds and storms roll in this week, which helps alot. but i don't think there's any avoiding it at this point... it's just going to be hot for a while. it's officially summer!
we don't have any big plans for the holiday weekend, aside from a little grilling, hanging out with the neighbors, and watching the fireworks from home. here's hoping the girls do well again this year and that fireworks don't wake them up all night! happy 4th everyone!
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  1. What a sweet picture. Hope the weather doesn't get too hot for you. The afternoon thunderstorms we have had all week have helped cool things off a LITTLE...still in the high 90's. I think I will be able to see the fireworks display at Remington Park from my house. HAPPY 4TH Schneiders.

  2. loved that pic... thanks for bringing it back on a flashback! for some reason the slide pics are not coming through. its like they are a little off center. Don't know much about the why, just that I was getting the slidepics and now I'm not being able to see them in that format... so, not to worry, I click on the sliver of the pic and it takes me to picasa where I can view all the pics. just thought you would like to know. xoxoxoxo to you all... hope to webcam this weekend with you between golf and other...