Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the cool down

desperate times call for desperate measures? maybe that's a tinge dramatic, but it's been pretty stinkin' hot around here lately so we've resorted to cooling off however we can! some days it's too hot to even think about running in the sprinkler or dealing with the kiddie pool... so what better than a bathtub full of cold water? of course goggles and sponge balls make it even more fun. isa got those goggles for swim lessons, as she gets a huge kick out of going under water and looking around, touching the bottom of the pool, etc. and since this midday bath was all about playtime anyway, she thought they'd be a nice thing for the tub as well!
speaking of swimming, both girls are in lessons this session and they are going swimmingly-- pun fully intended. isa is in the level one class and it's a great fit for her. it's challenging enough that she really has to work at it but also includes lots of new and fun things like jumping off the diving board solo (yay!) and spending more time under water and trying to swim on her own. we decided to put sylvi in the preschool class at the last minute, since she was there watching isa every day anyway, and because she loves the water so much and only got to do one session earlier in the summer. she's a little fish and is SO proud to be in a "big girl" class without a parent. the first day was a little nervewracking for yours truly, as sylvi was intent on getting in the water when it wasn't her turn (there are only 4 kids and 2 teachers, but this still stressed me out). she did tons better today though and splashed her heart out until it was time to leave.
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  1. Yaaayy!! Nothing like swimming! Glad both girls are enjoying the water. Thankfully it's not an extended heat wave. Enjoy !

  2. Glad to hear the girls are doing so well with their swimming lessons. Will certainly make for safer summers for all. Can't wait to see you both "in action" in October at the beach. Love and hugs.