Thursday, July 22, 2010

jackson recap

lots of folks have been asking how the jackson show went-- what sold and what didn't? what will i do differently for august? what did i do with all that evening free time? and so on and so forth.
for starters, the july show was a really good time and a big success. you never know how these shows might go, so it's always a bit of a gamble. but there was very little competition, as far as children's wear goes, and people seemed really glad to have more kids stuff to choose from. there is alot of really high end jewelry, fine art and furniture at this show, so to be able to buy a cute gift for $10 was welcomed by everyone who came into the booth. in general bibs, dresses, and boys tees sold like crazy... the boys tees were almost gone by the end of day one (note to self)! aprons and bags were also big hits. next time i will bring lots more boys tees and even more bibs (i brought 70 this time and they were almost completely sold out). i will also bring more sushi... in everything... bibs, dresses, blankets, aprons, you name it. if i had a dime for everytime someone saw the sushi dress, gasped, and called their friends over... well, i'd have ALOT of dimes!
i was very, very glad to have natalie there with me, for both the fun factor and because it got so hectic at times. having another set of hands or someone else to answer questions was really helpful. i think our neighbors thought we were crazy at times, or maybe the understood that what we were laughing at must be really funny... even if we were the only ones that got it! we also had alot of fun after the show. a four day weekend in jackson with no kiddos? awesome. we took full advantage and went out to dinner every night and stayed up way later than we might have otherwise. since this was only one of two times i'd been away from my kids for this long (first time ever for sylvi) i figured i might as well enjoy it!
there you go, that's the recap :)

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  1. Wow Blair!! Congrats again! Sounds like it was a booming success! A change from the everyday grind is always refreshing! Continue to find the original in what you do, it will almost always be welcomed. You are truly blessed.

  2. It's so good that you know exactly what items sold the best. Will be curious to see if they do the same in Lander this weekend. CONGRATS on a fabulous job and thanks, Natalie, for filling in for me. lol.. Good luck this weekend. OH and thanks to Mr. Mom for holding down the fort. I'm sure the girls loved having so much special time with Daddy.