Sunday, July 4, 2010

july 4th, 2010

once again, this sleepy little mountain town is filled with the sounds of BANG! BOOM! POP! WHAM! and so on and so forth... yep, it's the fourth of july! we lucked out this year and got some amazingly cool weather and even some clouds, which made the usually blazing hot parade alot more bearable. just like last year, the girls couldn't stay awake for the biggest fireworks show (on july 3rd) but we are hoping that they may stay up late enough tonight to see the ones around town. our neighbors have once again gone above and beyond in building their arsenal, so even if the girls don't see the fireworks, they will most definitely hear them!

as if a bbq, parade and fireworks weren't enough, we may attempt to go to the rodeo tonight. we will see how the rest of the day plays out and if the rain stays away. in the meantime, here are some pics from the parade. isa's number one goal was to gather as much candy as possible. she walked away with more candy than she usually gets on halloween! sylvi was pretty confused by the whole thing in the beginning but it didn't take long before she was out of the backpack and running around with the rest of the kids. good times, good times.


  1. Yep, looks like they both had a great time. Glad to see the little sundress is making it a second time around. These are wonderful pictures of a parade as seen through the eyes of children...THANKS. Have a good time tonight and I've got my fingers crossed the girls can stay awake. Love and hugs to all.

  2. Again the pics did not come up on the blog, but I just clicked where they usually are and it took me to picasa. Looks like EVERYONE in town attends the big parade !!! Too bad there wasn't a marching band... I would love to see Isa dancin' again! Love to you all and Happy 4th !!