Wednesday, July 7, 2010


this is sylvi's "cheese" face that she makes anytime she sees the camera. she automatically yells, "Cheeeeeeeee!" and makes this funny little scrunchy half smile, half scowl. she likes to run around the house holding isa's camera doing the same thing-- she holds it up to her face, points it at something, screams cheese and scrunches up her face. it's hilarious!
speaking of cheese, i forgot to add to the nineteen month update that sylvi can actually eat cheese now! hallelujah. her pediatrician gave us the go ahead at her last well baby visit to try to introduce it in small amounts and see how she did with it. after some less than successful attempts (or ooopses, really) we were really relieved that her tummy didn't seem to be bothered at all! so far she's had cheese, a little yogurt, and butter, all without any problems. since we are all used to drinking rice milk (and isa refuses to drink anything else now) we are sticking with that and reintroducing any other dairy really slowly. ice cream didn't go so well, but it may have been a fluke or it may have been all that sugar, who knows. but ice cream or not, the girl does like her cheese!
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  1. Love the face Sylvi... your Uncle Geoff is gonna love it too! :} lol.. We all know what that means... So here's to cheeeeesse ! Y*Y xoxoxoxox love to all

  2. Scrunchy half smile/scowl or not, you are still a cutie, Miss Sylvi. Love and miss you all. So glad you can have cheese now. Next time I am out there, we'll get one of those pizzas with extra cheese just for you.