Tuesday, March 15, 2011

bring on the quarantine.

i am sure i made the remark recently that, "it's been a pretty healthy winter around here for us!" and in that moment jinxed us like it was nobody's business. because for the last month, it's been one bout of nastiness after another. the pediatrician actually just called this "the winter of never-ending snot" to make it more clear. no joke, sylvi has had a cold for well over a month and it's still hanging on. this morning we made our second trip to the doctor in the last 5 weeks, this time because it seemed like an infection was settling in to that cute little head of hers. i put my money on ears or sinuses, but it turns out that her ears were fine (yay!) and that she hasn't actually developed sinuses yet (huh?)... so, what's left to be infected? her eyes! apparently pink eye doesn't always mean that the eyes are visibly pink. i know, it sounded strange to me too. but so it is, the little booger has a raging case of pink eye to add to her miserable, never ending head cold.
as indicated by the pediatrician's remark, it seems to be going around. actually almost every kid we know has the same nasty nose going on. so because of that, and because we are leaving for an almost two week vacation soon... we are going into quarantine mode! as antisocial and crazy as it may sound, we're sticking to ourselves (mostly) for the next two weeks until we finally kick this crap and get well before we head to the middle of nowhere, southern utah. good thing the weather is turning and it's nice outside, we'll just turn these two out to pasture in the backyard until noses cease to run and we pack up and head out.
p.s. just as i hit publish sylvi came up to me and said, "mommy you hold me? i have a bad day." not surprisingly, the two year says it best!
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  1. Sylvi knows how to get relief... poor dear. Hopefully everyone will be well for your trip. Phil used to get sick like this all the time. That is when we found out about his allergies to mold and mildew. She might have those same problems. Anyway, I'm glad you know what it is and that there is help on the way. Get well soon Sylvi.. Love and huggs xoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. You may be having a bad day, Sylvi, but you sure look cute, pink eye and all. Get well soon and hopefully being outside in the fresh air (minus the pollen)will do you all good. Love and hugs to you and goosey.