Wednesday, March 9, 2011


this is what they did after asking to have their picture taken.

and this is what they did when i asked for their funny faces.
not a whole lot to report around here lately, atleast nothing substantial or earth shattering in any way. that being said, it seems like there are lots of little (tiring and consuming?) things going on... like vaccinations and kindergarden registration and swim lessons that we are running late for and constantly changing childcare and and and... you get the idea. first world problems.
on a positive note, the sauna is officially up and running. there wasn't anything wrong with it to begin with, but phil wanted to double check the wiring (he's good like that) before we cranked it up for the first time. it's officially been cleared now though and if anyone comes looking for me after 7:30pm on a given night, that is most likely where i will be.
that is all for now. carry on...
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  1. I love pics like these! So endearing! Give them hugs from Gramma & PopPop..
    Love to all. :). Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo