Thursday, March 3, 2011

heavy hearts

our little community has had a day of unspeakable sadness. this morning, a three year old girl lost her life in the parking lot of the city pool. it was a tragic accident. this is a small town, with a close knit community, and the thought of something so horrific rattles everyone. we did not know the little girl, nor were we close to the family of the driver, but the reality of that kind of loss is heavy just the same. we've been in that parking lot with our own girls countless times and can't help but feel that it could have been us or anyone else we knew. it is the kind of fear and sadness that literally takes the breath away, that makes you wish that it were possible to turn back time and somehow change the outcome. or if to no avail, atleast to find some way to fill the void that is the loss of a child.

our thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved, from the family of the little girl, to the driver and her family, to those who witnessed it, to the first responders and medical staff, and everyone else who held their own children extra tight tonight...


  1. I could not sleep last night thinking about this. If I slept I dreamed about it more than once. I, too, kept thinking about being in that same parking lot in January with the girls and the fact that Sylvi is so near the same age as the little girl who was killed. I can't even begin to imagine the heartache of her family and the woman driver. I have prayed that God is going to give them comfort and peace in the days ahead. I was glad to see that arrangements have been set up for donations. Use this as a teaching moment for Isa and Sylvi and how things like this can happen so quickly...then give me an extra big hug for me. I love you all.

  2. It is always hard to see a child die before their time. And this seems so senseless. Makes you be more careful than before. I remember when Phil fell out of the car while I was driving.... So blessed that it was a minor bang on the head.... it was sooo scary. Be well, and take heart..